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A disorder of the cognitive functions inevitably leads to a personality disorder. The first sign of this psychological disorder is a change of behavior. As a rule, behavior signs of the psychological disorder are more intense in children. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a main diagnosis which is made in children with behavior disorder.

Adults also may have this syndrome but it has different symptoms related to the mental disorders and disorder of the cognitive functions.

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is not a sentence for a child. Now, this disease is easily treated, a medicine Strattera helps to successfully control a behavior of a child and his/her mental development.

Strattera is a trade name of the active ingredient of Atomoxetine. This medicine has been specially synthesized for the treatment of Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and recovery of the brain functions during cognitive disorders.

Strattera is not a narcotic product and does not cause a medical and psychological addiction as psychostimulants. As a result of the medical studies, a high level of the pharmacological safety of Strattera has been indicated, and then this medicine was approved by FDA.

Therapeutic characteristics of Strattera

Atomoxetine is a highly selective inhibitor of noradrenaline and dopamine carrier. It influences on the concentration of noradrenaline in some parts of the brain which are responsible for the behavior functions of the brain.

Using Strattera, a child has the improvement of the brain functions: s/he is more attentive, better takes information, becomes more sedulous, behavior and communication with peers are improved.

A main peculiarity of Strattera is an improved behavior during hyperactivity and cognitive functions regulating the brain activity.

The therapeutic effect of Strattera is developed within a week. At first, a child becomes more sedulous and listens to parents/teachers better, and then the attention is improved, and the symptoms of ADHD completely pass in 2-3 weeks. However, the treatment should be continued for a long time in order to fix the effect and lower the probability of the reoccurrence of the behavior disorder.

How to take Strattera?

Strattera is taken after getting results of the medical examination. As a rule, the treatment is prescribed by a psychotherapist. If your child already had the signs of ADHD and s/he took identical drugs, it is possible to buy Strattera without prescription and begin the treatment as soon as possible.

The dosage regimen and scheme of the medical course depends on the individual peculiarities of a childs behavior. The treatment is usually started from the daily dose of 0,5 mg/kg of the body weight and the dose goes up to 1,2 mg per 1 kg of the body weight per day. The daily dose of Strattera is used once or 2 times per day depending on the individual sensitivity of a patient. Strattera without prescription can be used only if you are confident that your child does not have contraindications for the use.

Where to buy Strattera no prescription?

If your child has the first signs of Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, do not neglect the treatment. Strattera will relieve the interaction of a child with the external world and will help your child to be socially active.

You cant buy Strattera no prescription in the pharmacies of your city. This is a strong medicine, the sales of which are controlled by the government, and therefore a prescription is needed. But you can buy Strattera online no prescription at any time.

You can buy Strattera online no prescription 24 hours in the online pharmacy. There will not lines and there is no need to make an appointment at a doctor for getting a prescription. A procedure of buying Strattera online no prescription is easy and you will easily know how to place the order.

If you are not sure that you may take Strattera no prescription, you can contact a online pharmacist at any time and have a free medical consultation. A medical specialist will tell you how to take Strattera no prescription and what precautions should be followed.

In 10 minutes, you will place the order for the shipment of Strattera online no prescription and then you will do your business. The faster you will begin the treatment of ADHD, it will be easier for a child to live in this world.